Hot dog manufacturer recalls 200K pounds of franks over possible metal contamination

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Before you toss a hot dog on the grill this Memorial Day, make sure it doesn’t have any metal in it.

The company that makes Nathan’s and Curtis hot dogs is recalling over 200,000 pounds of wieners.

That’s because the USDA says the franks may be contaminated with metal.

There have been three complaints from people finding metal objects in the company’s hot dogs.

It is recalling 14-ounce packages of Nathan’s skinless beef franks with a use by date of August 19th and 16-ounce packs of Curtis Beef Master Franks with a use by date of June 25th.

These hot dog packages were sent to stores around the country.

If you have a recalled package, throw it away or take it back to the store where you bought them.