Free parvo vaccine clinic held in Chicopee

Free clinic held at Rivers Park until noon Friday

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Second Chance Animal Shelter hosted a clinic at Rivers Park in Chicopee Friday morning, offering Parvo vaccines to dogs.

More than 150 Chicopee Dog owners came out to get their dogs vaccinated.

“It mainly affects puppies, but older dogs are still susceptible to it so I got my older dog and my pup,” said Bon Marie Acevedo of Chicopee.

Parvo is a deadly disease which can be spread easily through dogs. Dog parvo is not contagious to cats.

“Parvo is both canine and feline so he needs to be vaccinated,” said Desiree Benard of Chicopee.

There have been several reported cases of Parvo in the Chicopee area in the past month, which prompted the shelter to hold the clinic. The virus can live in the ground for months and can be easily contracted between dogs.

“Whenever people walk around they can tract the virus on their shoes if you take your dog to the park or for a walk they can come in contact with it,” said Allie Kulow, Veterinarian at Second Chance Animal Shelter.

Kulow told 22New as long as your dog is vaccinated every three years, Parvo is almost 100 percent preventable. She said the Parvo virus for cats is a lot less contagious.

Free parvo vaccination clinic to be held in Chicopee following outbreak