East Longmeadow parade will return this summer

Part of the carnival's proceeds will go to a local charity

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The carnival and the annual fireworks display are back on in East Longmeadow, one day after they’d been canceled.

Thanks to a Connecticut amusement company and the Rotary Club, both traditions will be back this summer.

East Longmeadow Town Council President, Kevin Manley, said they cancelled the fireworks and carnival Thursday because of low volunteer enrollment and the carnival company was owed money from last year.

They were never paid by the organizer, the Jaycees, a civic group that has disbanded.

“It would be very disappointing. I have twin boys, who are ten and that’s the one thing we love doing, is going to the parade,” East Longmeadow resident Bill Preye, told 22News. “And then the night before we see the fireworks.”

The Rotary Club will put on the fireworks display July 3, after the concert that night. Manley said Commerford Amusements volunteered to come back.

They’re donating money to help pay for a police detail and part of their proceeds will go to a local charity.

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