Trumponomics – Not an easy sell

President Trump's budget director is trying to sell his budget to Congress, but lawmakers aren't buying it, yet.

(NBC News) – President Trump’s budget director is trying to sell his budget to Congress, but lawmakers aren’t buying, yet.

What the president’s budget director calls “Trumponomics” is getting a chilly reception on Capitol Hill. “It is a horrific budget,” said Senator Bernie Sanders, (I) Vermont.

Even some Republicans worry the economy won’t grow as fast as he’s assuming. “That math can’t be sustained,” said Rep. Tom Cole, (R) Oklahoma.

The White House insists Medicaid – government insurance for the poor – is being slowed down, not cut.

But Republicans worry how that looks back home. “You’re never gonna get me to say I want to cut programs and let people die,” declared Rep. Buddy Carter, (R) Georgia.

And there’s concern about boosting the military at the expense of the State Department — investing in war instead of peace. “Your own Secretary of Defense says you’re wrong. So why is it that you’re willing to put our troops at risk?” asked Rep. Seth Moulton, (D) Massachusetts.

“I don’t necessarily agree with that and the budget does not agree with that,” answered Mick Mulvaney, White House OMB Director.

The budget is based on a Republican health plan that the Congressional Budget Office now says would save money at the expense of 23 million Americans losing insurance. “Unless you’re a healthy millionaire, Trumpcare is a nightmare,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D) New York.

Another prominent Republican now calls the president’s budget dead on arrival.

But that’s not unusual. The president’s proposal is usually just a start. This could take months.