Smaller cars, greater risk

Latest Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study finds smaller cars have the highest driver death rates.

(NBC News) A new report suggests you might be more likely to survive a car crash if you’re driving a certain style of vehicle.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety examined driver fatalities between 2012 and 2015 and found the smallest cars had the highest death rates.

“If you run into something bigger than you, you are at a big disadvantage, and you’re more likely to be severely injured. You are more likely to be killed,” says the institute’s Chuck Farmer.

Eleven vehicles had zero driver deaths during the study period, including the Audi A6, Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Jeep Cherokee, Mazda CX-9 and Mercedes Benz M-Class.

The study findings mirror what researchers have found in crash tests: Larger vehicles tend to be more protective.

Whatever vehicle you drive, experts offer a simple reminder: slow down.

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