Poppy Bust: $500,000,000 in plants destroyed

North Carolina deputies discover illegal poppy field containing an estimated half-a-billion dollars worth of opium producing plants.

(WCNC) North Carolina deputies seized an estimated $500 million worth of opium poppies in what’s being called a historic bust.

Catawba County detectives said they found the plants spread across a half-acre adjacent to a Claremont home on Tuesday morning.

A resident in the house, Cody Xiong, was arrested and charged with manufacturing a Schedule II controlled substance and trafficking opium or heroin.

Opium poppies are used to make some of the world’s most addictive drugs, including heroin and opium.

Captain Jason Reid said it’s the first bust of its kind in North Carolina history.

“It’s very intimidating,” he said. “I was overwhelmed just like the rest of the investigators when we came out here today. We weren’t expecting anything this size.”

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