Keep you and your BBQ guests safe this Memorial Day weekend

Remember to cook meat to proper temperatures, keep cool foods cool

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Don’t let spoiled mayo ruin your Memorial Day weekend! Using some common sense and some extra tools can keep you and your guests out of the bathroom!

Food safety experts at Big Y in West Springfield told 22News that you need to make sure you heat your meat to its proper temperature. Check the package for a consumer advisory, and use a meat thermometer to confirm it.

Don’t cook your hamburger rare. Unlike a steak, it is ground meat, and could harbor bacteria.

Also, keep your fish, dairy, and mayonnaise cool and in the shade under a canopy, whenever possible.

“We recommend chilling bowls. Before you put the salads in them, get them pre-chilled. It can help a lot. Or, get them on ice in a cooler. Have it wrapped when you are not using it. Another tip is stainless steel bowls are better than glass bowls,” Store Director Mike Messer said.

Messer told 22News that it is important to cook in small batches, and remember that all deli salads should be kept below 41 degrees to avoid the bacteria danger zone.

According to, these are the proper cooking temperatures for different types of meat (all temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit):

  • Ground beef: 160
  • Ground turkey/chicken: 165
  • Steaks and chops: 145
  • Poultry: 165
  • Pork: 145
  • Fish: 145