Northampton PD offering to collect needles

Call (413) 587-1100 if you find a needle

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Most of us know to never touch a dirty needle if we see one, but the Northampton Police Department is stepping-up to take care of any that are found.

With a recent spike in heroin usage around the city this spring, officers are aware that needles may be found more commonly this summer. If you find one, all you have to do is call police at (413) 587-1100, and let them know where you found the needle. They will dispose of it properly for you, as each Northampton police officer carries a needle container in his or her cruiser.

“I feel comfortable that they’re offering this program, because personally, I wouldn’t want to touch a dirty needle because I’m not trained in how to dispose of those, and I wouldn’t want to catch any of the diseases,” Mike Leva of Northampton said.

The department is encouraging parents to teach kids to tell an adult if they find a needle. Also, remind your children never to touch a needle, as needle sticks can carry a risk of transmitting viruses. If you do accidentally prick yourself, contact your doctor immediately.