Holyoke takes in nearly $500,000 in tax possession public auction

The auction money will go into the city's general fund

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Holyoke took in $470,000 in their tax possession public auction, Wednesday night. The city auctioned off 19 residential properties and vacant lots.

The city seized the properties due to non-payment of taxes. The auction is an opportunity to revitalize properties that have fallen into disrepair, and get them back on the tax rolls.

Buyers have 18 months to submit a rehabilitation plan to the city.

“It’s also a good idea when someone comes here to do a property, to try to do the most research they can on that property. Cause they’re going to put a down payment or whatever say 5 grand, and they gotta have money to repair the property,” Elvin Bruno, a Holyoke resident, told 22News.

The money from Wednesday’s auction will go into the city’s general fund.

According to the City of Holyoke’s calendar the following properties were available for auction (inventory subject to change)