Chicopee undertaking $92K project to digitize records

$50K in funding comes from a state grant

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Chicopee is entering the 21st Century when it comes to record-keeping. The city is going digital, with employees having scanned and saved more than half a million pages of records. They will not finish this ambitious project until the summer of 2018.

The work has started in the Human Resources Department, where right now, all the paperwork is filed away and stored in boxes that are stacked-up in a room.

The whole project to digitize costs $92,000. The goal is to have city departments able to digitally sign stamp documents and save them; eliminating the need for multiple paper copies that take up space and increase the city’s carbon footprint.

Mayor Richard Kos told 22News that he is looking forward to the transition. “I think what it does, it allows our government a way to operate and provide services more efficiently, so that we don’t have all the hand work. Things are going to be done electronically and computer-wise, which is the way to go,” Kos said.

City officials say that digitally storing the documents will also help preserve them in case of a disaster. The project is being made possible through a $50,000 state grant that comes from Chicopee having signed a community compact with the state.