When it comes to soil, should you go organic?

Organic is better for the environment, but can be more costly

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Many people are jumping on the organic bandwagon for their lawn, but there are some pros and cons to doing so.

One pro with organic fertilizer is that it is better for the environment. Organic fertilizer can also improve the structure of the soil and hold soil moisture for a long time.

If you do use organic fertilizer, however, you will have to use more of it than you would synthetic fertilizer, and that can cost more money.

22News spoke with the folks at G&H Landscaping to find out why some people prefer organic fertilizer.

“With that combination of slow release, quick release, you’re getting more satisfaction- almost immediate satisfaction- than synthetic, and it’s not harmful to the environment,” Gary Courchesne of G&H Landscaping said.

Organic fertilizer tends to be more expensive in general than synthetic fertilizer, so if you are buying organic, you should budget for that.

Ultimately, whether you go organic or not, it all comes down to preference.