The benefits of exercising outside in western Massachusetts

As we near summer people are taking their workouts outside

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As summer approaches, people are taking their workouts outdoors.

If you don’t have time for the weights and the gym, you can improve your health and level of fitness by taking your workout outside on a nice day.

Western Massachusetts has beautiful parks and hiking trails.

One gym in Chicopee said you just need to get yourself moving.

“Walking around your neighborhood, walking anywhere that’s safe is good,” Drew McConaha, owner and trainer at Train For Life, said. “Skinner Mountain, Mount Tom, there’s great hiking trails in that area, bike trail up in Hadley.”

If you go hiking, go with a partner; it’s a great way to stay motivated, and safe at the same time. If you choose to drive to a park, park your car farther away, getting in extra steps–and don’t forget to walk every day.

One Springfield resident told 22News he walks as much as he has time for, “Very important to walk, everybody should be active whether its walking, running, exercising to keep the weight down and blood pressure down I think every doctor in the country would agree with that,” Martin said.

Don’t skip the hills!

“You’re less likely to probably put more pounding on your body by going out for an hour long run but if you do five hill sprints or even just walk up and down a hill a few times for someone just getting started you’re going to get a much better workout because the intensity is going to be that much higher,” McConaha said.

Just because you’re sweating more doesn’t mean the workout is better. Stay hydrated whatever you choose to do. Make sure your staying hydrated with water, not the sugary drinks.