Double check your trust tax returns, numbers may be incorrect

You have only 30 days to appeal

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The state’s department of revenue may have a glitch in their system when it comes to taxing trusts. 22News looked into why the state sent out letters saying some people owe more in taxes.

If you have a trust, you’ll want to know that the state of Massachusetts may be trying to tax you more than you actually owe.

Springfield Tax Attorney Paul Mancinone told 22News several of his “trust” clients have received letters from the Department of Revenue.

The letters are “tax assessments” notifications, that they owe more money on their trust tax bill because of a miscalculation. Mancinone said you shouldn’t just assume that the DOR’s numbers are correct.

“If they filed a trust return and got an assessment, it may not be correct and they should take a good look at it, maybe share it with their advisor, and maybe contemplate whether or not they want to appeal it,” Mancinone told 22News.

Mancinone also told 22News that the states system is now all online and if you want to file an appeal, you have to do it online as well.

If you received one of these assessment letters, you have only 30 days to appeal. This only applies to trusts that you pay taxes on. You’ll want to talk to your accountant about this.