School ending ban on hair braid extensions

Policy singled-out students of color, attorney general says

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MALDEN, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts charter school that came under fire for what some people considered a racist policy of banning hair braid extensions has suspended the rule.

Trustees of the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School backed off the provision in its hair/makeup rules after meeting Sunday.

The move came days after the state attorney general wrote a letter to the Malden school saying the policy was “unlawful” because it singles out students of color.

The American Civil Liberties Union had also filed a complaint against the school with the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, saying the rule is discriminatory.

The issue came to light when the parents of twin 15-year-old girls said their daughters were punished for wearing extensions, while white students had not been punished for violations of hairstyle regulations.


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