Problem with parking meters in Amherst

Parking meters unable to read some credit cards

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News has received e-mails from viewers telling us that the parking meters in downtown Amherst aren’t accepting credit cards. Amherst police say that they are aware of the problem.

Capt. Jennifer Gundersen told 22News that their department received a few reports last week of credit cards not being properly read by the meter. People are now getting tickets when they have actually paid for their spot.

Gundersen says that this malfunction is more common during the winter, when the machines have a harder time connecting to the Internet server. If this happens to you, Gundersen says here is what to do.

“We ask community members, if they recognize that it is not accepting credit cards, they can just notify the police department, and then we can let the proper authorities know, and then they can rectify the problem,” Gundersen said.

If the meter is broken and you are issued a parking ticket, you can appeal it to Town Hall. You can either stop by in person, do it online, or send the appeal in the mail.

The Amherst Police Department has been working to make sure all meters are operating correctly.