Wilbraham residents vote to prohibit all marijuana businesses

The next town to vote on banning retail recreational marijuana sales is East Longmeadow

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It was no-go for pot businesses in the town of Wilbraham.

Laurence Brandoli of Wilbraham told 22News, “I don’t think it’s particular just to Wilbraham. I think it’s pretty much universal, from what I’ve seen. People have strong feelings, one way or another.”

There was an overwhelming amount of support from Wilbraham residents for a ballot question prohibiting all marijuana related businesses. At Saturday night’s vote, 1,244 people voted yes, and 477 voted no.

Michael Simonoko of Wilbraham voted in favor of prohibiting marijuana businesses from Wilbraham. He told 22News, “It’s more of a conservative middle class, I think.”

The yes vote prohibits all commercial business related to marijuana, including those that grow it, test it, or sell it.

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Simonoko noted, “I’m not saying that middle class people don’t smoke pot, I’m sure quite a few a do.”

The question does not overrule state law which allows for residents the right to grow marijuana in their homes. Allowing pot sales in town would have meant additional revenue for the town.

Simonoko added, “I know it’s the thing that’s up and coming in the country, but for me, it was a long time ago and far, far, away.”

The next town to vote on banning retail recreational marijuana sales is East Longmeadow. Voters will cast their ballots on June 6th.

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