Big temperature change in store for western Massachusetts

Temperatures will only reach into the 50s Monday

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Well, the roller-coaster ride of temperatures continues here in western Massachusetts but it seems now we are only going in one direction and that’s down. 

Western Massachusetts got our first official heat wave of 2017, even breaking two record high temperatures Wednesday and Thursday. A heat wave is three back to back days of 90 degrees or above, and we hit 94 on Wednesday, 96 on Thursday, and 90 on Friday.

After feeling like July, western Massachusetts finally felt like May this weekend, with temperatures getting up into the lower 70s, which is where we are supposed to be for this time of the year.

As the Jet Stream- a narrow band of fast moving air currents high up in the atmosphere that helps control the weather back down here on Earth- takes a dip below New England Monday, that will allow cooler air to work in as rain moves through the area.

Temperatures are only forecasted in the 50s, resulting in western Massachusetts being 15 degrees below average. That means we will feel more like the beginning of April than May.

We rebound back into the 70s for Tuesday.