Hot weather causing an early spike in bee stings

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – People aren’t the only ones buzzing about this hot weather. It’s leading to an early spike in bee stings.

On Friday, 22News went to Allergy and Immunology Associates of New England in Florence. They told us the bees are stinging and there’s plenty of people who don’t know their allergic.

Dr. Johnathan Bayuk told 22News you are not born with bee allergies, you’ll only know after you are exposed to the venom. And there’s all types of it.

Just because someone may be allergic to honey bees doesn’t necessarily means they’ll be allergic to wasps or hornets. Which is why they have a variety of different stinging insect venom. They use these venomous to allergy test people. Just a little prick on the forearm and there will be a reaction if someone is allergic.

Dr. Bayuk told 22News if you are allergic, get an epi pen. It can save your life. 22News found stinging insect stories were pretty common.

“I’m actually terrified of wasps and any sort of bee really and I will avoid them at all costs. I have been stung by a hornet once and I cried and cried and cried. I got stung on my armpit. Just the worst place,” said Brandi Damon of Huntington.

We took our cameras to Look Park in Florence where we found busy bees buzzing around this flowering tree. More interested in the pollen, than us. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get mad when provoked.

“I’ve always been afraid of wasps and hornets and I’m embarrassed about being chicken around them. Once I did step on a honeybee and got stung,” said Taryn Daley of Easthampton.

If you get stung, you can try to remove the venomous stinger by scraping the area with the edge of a credit card.

Get help immediately if you have trouble breathing, nausea, anxiety or dizziness or loss consciousness, and follow-up with your doctor.