Save your trip (and your money) this summer

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  We’re going to help you save time and money on vacation this summer!  Joyce Gioia is a Celebrity Futurist and USA TODAY’s Road Warrior of the Year and she shared tips.

How Plastic Bags, Dry Cleaner Bags, and Tin Foil Can Save your Family Vacation 

1. Plastic bags can be great for taking home leftovers or taking sandwiches with you.

2. Dry cleaner bags allow you to bring along hanging clothes and not have them get wrinkled.

3. Use aluminum foil to prevent hackers from picking up your credit card numbers off of your cards; now you don’t have to buy those expensive wallets.

Save Money on Travel

1. Evade detection by the airlines by using private browsing or going mobile.

2. Start looking at airfares on Sunday night after 11pm and when to never buy your ticket.

3. Sign up for notices of airfare sales and “mistake fares”