Public parking options available near DTA office in Springfield

Bach Towing was once again staking out the Post Office lot on Liberty Street, waiting for a trespass tow.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a follow-up to a story we brought you on Wednesday. Residents are responding to a controversial towing situation in Springfield by claiming they have no choice but to park illegally. 22News discovered people may have more parking available than they realize.

It was a different day, but it was the same situation. Bach Towing was once again staking out the Post Office lot on Liberty Street, waiting for a trespass tow. “There’s no parking here, every parking space is full,” said one Palmer man who’s car was towed. He parked in the post office lot but was a client at the Department of Transitional Assistance across the street.

22News went looking for parking options. There’s street side meters on Liberty Street and more close by at the state office building on Dwight Street. And it’s not just the on-street parking, there is also the Union Station parking garage which will give people an additional 377 spaces in just over a month. A PVTA stop across from the DTA is a convenient option, but one person told 22News that creates it’s own problems.

“Every time I’m there I see a tow. And then the PVTA buses can’t even pull up to the spot. The bus stop because there are cars parked all along,” said Annie Guy of Springfield.

The DTA does not have a lot dedicated to clients, only employees. People told 22News they should look into nearby options.

“They do have a parking lot that these people should look into, it’s the old Registry of Motor Vehicles lot right across the street from the YMCA. I feel as though thats where you can park any kind of vehicle you want. You can park an 18-wheeler in there if you want to,” said Rick Paiva of Springfield.

22News went to the lot the corner of Chestnut and Liberty Street. It’s not being used, but posted signs warn it’s state property. We contacted the DTA for a second day to ask them if they review parking options for their clients. As of news time we have not heard back.

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