Miscommunication left elderly Northampton man without air conditioning

Miscommunication can be prevented when both tenants and property managers are descriptive with work orders

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A miscommunication between an elderly tenant and the property owner left him suffering at home with no air conditioning. The issue was resolved after 22News got involved and found out what went wrong.

Craig Browning was suffering in the heat for days, with no air conditioning in his bedroom. He contacted the Northampton Housing Authority 3 weeks ago to install a window unit in his Conz Street apartment.

Browning told 22News,” I knew I was going in for surgery a few weeks ago, so I requested early on to have an air conditioner installed so I wouldn’t have to worry about the heat when I got home for recuperation.”

A week after the operation, there was still no air conditioning. “I was up and down all night long. I just could not get comfortable,” said Browning.

22News spoke with Northampton Housing Authority Executive Director Cara Clifford off-camera. Clifford said their call log showed the request was made last week, with no specification the A-C was for a medical emergency. That clarification would’ve given the order a higher priority. Maintenance workers came to install it Tuesday, but Browning wasn’t home.

Miscommunication like this can happen during this time, especially when many properties are running their heat until June.

Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you:

  • When placing a work order, give as much detail as possible to help property owners prioritize which orders need to be fulfilled first.
  • Property owners should ask tenants if the request is urgent.
  • Contact your property manager If your request isn’t fulfilled within 48 hours.
  • Keep your phone on you so you don’t miss a call from maintenance workers who could fix the problem