Massachusetts man sues police officer after crashing into roadblock

Police say Pereira was driving 120 mph

WESTPORT, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts man is suing a police officer after his motorcycle crashed into a roadblock, causing serious injuries.

In a statement, 31-year-old Derek Pereira says he was speeding at the time of the crash but he still holds Westport officer Jarrod Levesque responsible.

Police say Pereira was driving 120 mph when an officer tried to pull him over. The officer failed to get him to stop and notified Levesque.

According to the lawsuit, Levesque used his police SUV to block eastbound lanes on Route 6. The officer activated his emergency lights, and Pereira crashed into the car seconds later.

Pereira’s attorney says his medical bills exceed $100,000. He’s seeking unspecified monetary damages.

In a statement, Levesque’s attorney says the circumstances were caused by “the plaintiff’s own admitted conduct.”


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