Longmeadow police dog stays cool with cruiser alarm system

Longmeadow Police Dog Kai's cruiser has an alarm system to alert officers when it's too hot

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – On hot days, the Longmeadow Police Department makes sure police dogs are protected in their cruisers.

Some of the Longmeadow K-9 cruisers are equipped with a heat alarm system, to make sure their four legged partners don’t get overheated.

When the vehicle interior goes over 87 degrees, an alarm sounds, the rear window rolls down automatically, and a fan turns on.

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An officer told 22News the department wants to make sure they don’t lose any dogs due to overheating.

“It alerts us so we can make sure our dogs stay safe,” Officer Amanda Vanbuskirk said. “They’re an officer too, so it would be losing an important member of our community.”

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Not every K-9 vehicle is equipped with the heat alert system. The system cost about $6,000, so the Longmeadow Police department is looking into grants to help equip all their K-9 cars.