How outdoor workers beat the heat in record-breaking temperatures

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts got a dose of record breaking heat on Thursday!

For people who had to work outside, that meant setting their alarm clocks earlier than usual.

Brandon Seymore of Chicopee was out mowing his lawn bright and early in the morning. He told 22News, when the temperatures exceed 90 degrees, he gets up, and gets out as early as possible. “I wanted to do it this early because I knew it was going to be pretty brutal later. The bugs are starting to come out, and as you can see, it’s starting to build up on me, so I’m glad I’m getting it out of the way now,” he said.

Whether it’s yard work, or a workout, starting early can be critical on dangerously hot days.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s enough to prevent heat related illnesses. OSHA says staying hydrated is equally important. They recommend drinking 16-oz of water before doing outdoor activities on a hot day, then continuing to drink water every 15-minutes to half hour once outside.

Jeremy Coffey is a landscaper, and he told 22News one of their biggest concerns in the summer is staying hydrated. “If you dehydrate you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. The heat can really put you down, and it’s not safe. So, we take a break, sit down, drink some water, and sit in the shade for a little while.”

Coffey also said they also make sure to take several short breaks, instead of one long one. “At least once an hour, sit down, and have some water for 5, 10 minutes,” he said.