“Flash Dads” cheer on kids

Dads gather outside of Louisville, Kentucky school to cheer on students and encourage a strong finish to the school year.

(WAVE/NBC News) Hundreds of fathers and grandfathers gathered outside of Louisville, Kentucky’s Audubon Elementary School Wednesday to cheer on students as they wrap up their school year.

The group call themselves the “Flash Dads”.

The event is two part – letting kids know that school is a fun place to be and that fathers care. If anything, it put a huge smile on every child’s face, as he or she was given a celebrity welcome in front of the school.

Zack McKee was out front, holding a sign as well. He says his son is in kindergarten and wanted to participate in the event.

“They need that education,” McKee said. “I’m actually an attorney, I tell my son all the time that’s how I got where I am at, that you need to be in school to be successful.”

Read more: http://bit.ly/2rvaOsP


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