Caterpillars cancelled recess at Brimfield Elementary

Gypsy moth caterpillars can irritate your skin

Metal mailbox pole in Brimfield infested with gypsy moth caterpillars. (Photo from Laurie Bresse)

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The gypsy moth caterpillar infestation prevented Brimfield Elementary School children from playing outside Thursday.

Parents told 22News that the principal kept the children inside for their own protection. Parents are troubled by the way caterpillars have been effecting the children.

“Creepy, they’re everywhere! The kids can’t go outside to play- it’s just not been fun,” said Kristen Contois of Brimfield. Contois said that one of her daughters has a rash from the caterpillars, and believes the principal made a wise decision.

Brimfield and neighboring Holland became infested with gypsy moth caterpillars last week.

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