Tornadoes ripped through Kansas overnight

Several homes damaged

BARTON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Multiple tornadoes were reported across the state Tuesday night.

Barton County was one of the hardest hit areas in the state. Right now, officials are surveying the damage and beginning the cleanup. Several injuries were reported.

In Pawnee Rock, multiple homes were damaged or destroyed. Several trees were also down. Residents currently have no gas or electricity.

“You could feel it and everything got calm. I got the door to lock, and I ran down to the basement, and you could feel the house shake and vibrating. Then, it was just done, and it was over and we could hear our pastor beating on our door to see if we were ok. It just went by so fast, everything, instant,” said Donna Werner, Pawnee County resident.

To the west of Great Bend, several more homes were damaged.

In addition, large hail was reported in the Garden City area. Golf ball to baseball size hail was reported in the Holcomb area.

Garden City resident Corey Becker said his camper sustained some damage.

“It looks like I’ve got windows busted out,” said Becker. “I’ve got camper skylights broke out, roof damage.”

Becker, who repairs cars, said some of his customers’ vehicles were damaged with broken windows and lots of dents.