HOT: Record high temperatures surpassed Wednesday

Surpassed the record high temperature Wednesday

(WWLP) – It’s starting to feel a bit more like the month of July, after some places in western Massachusetts saw snow this past weekend!

We already broke Wednesday’s record high with the afternoon’s temperatures reaching 91 degrees. The previous record high for May 17 was set in 1977 at 89 degrees.

Thursday is looking even warmer. But why?

High pressure is to our south and low pressure is to our west. Air moves around high pressure clockwise, and around low pressure counter-clockwise. The high and low pressure systems are both acting in tandem to funnel hot air from the southeastern United States toward us in New England. The air being pushed our way means temperatures in the upper 80s and even into the 90s!

7 Day Forecast

This weather pattern finally shifts by the end of the week, so it won’t be quite as hot heading into the weekend. This is a setup more typical for mid-summer than mid-May, which is why record highs could be broken both Wednesday and Thursday.