Anti-Semitic symbol found on mailbox in Greenfield

The graffiti was written just under the handle

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hateful graffiti was found on a mailbox in Greenfield.

Greenfield Police urge you call to them whenever you see hateful graffiti, so they can try to find out who was responsible.

An anti-Semitic symbol was etched into a mailbox on Federal Street in Greenfield. The graffiti was written just under the handle, where you put in letters.

One woman told 22News it’s not the first time she’s seen these symbols in this town. “It’s sad for the person who took their time out of their life to actually draw it on there. Whoever did it should probably get in serious trouble,” said Samantha Byrd of Greenfield.

According to state law, anti-Semitic graffiti can be both vandalism and a hate crime. Graffiti is considered a hate crime when the person is motivated by racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation prejudice.

You could be fined $5,000 dollars and face up to two and a half years in a house of correction for hate crimes.

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