Warm and dry weather can cause mulch fires

Mulch fires are very common in the summer.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you plan on doing some mulching for commercial properties, you must keep mulch 18 inches away from the building.

Captain Mark Galarneau of the Chicopee Fire Department told 22News there has been problems with mulch fires.

“We have quite a problem with mulch fires around houses and about 90 percent of the time it is a cigarette, somebody disposes it and they think its out and the head falls off and they don’t realize it,” Captain Galarneau said.

The rain has kept many brush fires from starting but the dry and warm weather is back. The perfect brush fire ingredients is wind, warm temperature and dry weather. After days of rain, the ground is still moist.

But the wind and dry fire ingredients can dry out the tops of surfaces pretty quickly. All it takes is a flick of a cigarette butt to cause a brush fire.

Now that many people will be mulching their yard in the upcoming days, know that mulch fires are extremely common.