Time-saving kiosk now at Greenfield Police Department

The kiosk will provide an easier way to access information

Photo Courtesy: Greenfield Police Department

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents now have a new option for making reports and requests at the police department. A lot of things can be accomplished without having to talk to anyone.

Greenfield Police have set up a kiosk in their lobby meant to save them, and you, a lot of time in filling out documents and requests. The touch screen tablet installed Monday, allows you to request public records, view crash reports, search the sex offender registry, and type in complaints. You can even appeal parking tickets.

“When people come in to do the forms the old way, they would have to hand write the forms and then we would have an officer transcribe the forms into a digital format,” Lieutenant William Gordon of the Greenfield Police Department said.

Lt. Gordon also told 22News they plan to continue to update the technology in the kiosk and eventually put in requests for fire permits. A similar kiosk will be installed at the Town Hall soon.

The kiosk is expected to provide a convenient and safe location to access information and its page can be accessed on your computer.