Arson suspected in deadly fire

Police in Akron, Ohio say arson is to blame in a deadly house fire that killed seven people Monday, and a person of interest is in custody.

(WKYC) Police say a person of interest is in custody following a deadly house fire that killed seven people early Monday in Akron, Ohio.

The person of interest is the estranged husband of one of the victims. Court documents reveal a marital past that investigators are combing through.

Angela Boggs was one of seven people killed in the fire. In 2001, Boggs’ then-husband doused her with kerosene and joked about lighting her house on fire.

Court documents show what happened in 2001. Patrick Boggs doused Angela with about half of the kerosene in a container. Her clothes were soaked as he threatened to use a cigarette lighter. He then stated he would bring their daughter to Angela’s grave.

Two important points that have been emphasized:

The fire has still not been confirmed as an arson case.

Also, Patrick Boggs is not considered a suspect, but a person of interest, according to police sources.

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