Searching for Comey’s replacement

Searching For Comey's Replacement
The White House continues its search for a new F.B.I. director as Democrats decry possible politicizing of the office.

(NBC News) Following the abrupt firing of Director James Comey last week, the White House is focused on finding a permanent replacement…quickly.

During a photo op with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Monday, President Trump said of the search “it’s good, moving rapidly.”

Eight names are reportedly in the running, candidates with ties to the FBI, Department of Justice and federal bench, as well as two Republican politicians: Texas Senator John Cornyn and former congressman and former FBI agent Mike Rogers.

Those are drawing protests from Democrats.

“We have to have someone at the helm of the FBI who is not connected to partisan politics in any way,” says Senator Chris Van Hollen.

Other Democrats say they will not vote to confirm an FBI director unless a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

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