Chicken owners could see changes to bylaw in Wilbraham

Bylaw will not allow roosters on residential property less than five acres

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The Town of Wilbraham discussed changes for chicken owners at Monday’s town meeting.

Wilbraham Select Board Chair Susan Bunnell said town bylaws didn’t address raising chickens on residential properties of less than five acres, which means they technically weren’t allowed.

An article approved on Monday’s town meeting agenda creates a process to approve people who already own chickens on the small lots.

The bylaw will not allow roosters, which has some residents bringing their birds to local farmers.

“People will probably coming to me looking to re-home their roosters out here,” said Kathy Smedberg, owner of Green Acres Farm. “I already acquired one last week that way.”

Smedberg said her farm only needs so many roosters, so there will be a limit to how many she could take.