Bear sightings rising in western Massachusetts

Three bears were spotted in Westfield Sunday morning

Photo Courtesy: Joy Mauer via ReportIt

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – Bears, bears, and more bears. These big animals are out from hibernation and they’re hungry.

Alan Guilbeault of West Springfield told 22News, “They’re usually coming out of hibernation this time of year, and with hunting down, their population is going up. If you don’t attack, they’ll go away from you.”

Three bears were spotted in Westfield Sunday morning, and one bear was found clawing at a bird feeder in South Hadley in the afternoon.

Palmer residents came across a black bear while driving on Palmer Road Saturday. A black bear blocked traffic for about 10 minutes, before one man started sounding his car horn to get the bear to move out of the road.

Eric Flowers of Palmer told 22News, “Right under the overpass was a two to three-hundred pound black bear. We stopped and waited for it to move, so I beeped the horn. Tried to scare it off, and off it went.”

To keep them away from your home, experts recommend not leaving your trash out at night, taking your bird feeders down, and keep your gas grill clean.

If you encounter one, call animal control or the police in your town.