Tom Brady on the cover of Madden NFL 18; QB not worried about “curse”

Released Facebook video to show he doesn't believe in "Madden Curse"

Tom Brady Named EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18 Cover Athlete (Photo: Business Wire)

(WWLP) – Tom Brady is the new face of EA Sports’ popular Madden franchise of video games. The Patriots quarterback graces the cover of Madden NFL 18, which is scheduled to be released on August 25.

While it is a high honor to be featured on a Madden cover, there has been a much-talked about “Madden curse;” the idea that once a player appears on the cover, they have a poor season or begin a career decline. Players that suffered injuries or underperformed after appearing on the cover include Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, and most recently Brady target Rob Gronkowski, who missed most of the season due to injury and major back surgery.

Brady does not seem to be concerned, however. He released a video on Facebook Friday morning, showing him challenging common superstitions by smashing a mirror with a hammer, and walking underneath a ladder.

“There’s no such things as curses; it’s a total myth!” Brady says in the video.

Fans who can’t wait until August 25 can get a slight jump start on Madden NFL 2018. They can pre-order the special G.O.A.T. Edition, which will come out three days before the worldwide launch.