Questions still loom over the mysterious investigation in Westfield

This investigation started on May 5th.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A mysterious police investigation in Westfield.

According to Hampden District Attorney spokesperson James Leydon, there is no threat to public safety. The specifics of this police investigation remain unconfirmed. The District Attorney’s Office said they are still investigating.

Westfield residents demand answers on investigation

There’s been rumors on social media and we spoke with people at the Colonial Pine Acres Apartments, but despite the door knocking, no one wanted to speak with us.

The transfer station where police have been sifting through piles of garbage. There were no police seen on Friday and we were told to leave the property.

Micahel Lingaitis of Westfield Mass told 22News, “I want to know more. I haven’t heard much. I’ve got friends who say on Facebook that there is a body. I’ve listened to people and they don’t understand it. And the thing is this is a transfer station, it’s not a dump so the trash comes in and the trash comes right out.”

This investigation started on May 5th.

 Little information about ongoing investigation 

They are investigating both at the Colonial Pine Acres apartments on Southampton Road and the transfer station.