Prioritizing fitness for busy folks

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  How does mom prioritize herself when there’s a million things to do?  Health and Fitness Specialist Jamie Cocco with 50/50 Energy Nutrition shared his tips.

Keep Prioritizing Yourself

1. You time – Schedule weekly “you time” and commit to doing it. Even if it’s just an hour in the beginning.
2. Take some time away from the kids and spend it with friends – Chores, Tantrums, and Sleepless nights will be in your future. Refresh yourself and commit to time away with your spouse or friends.
3. Take a moment to be in the moment.

Partner Workout 

1. Medicine Ball/Stability ball throws to a partner, basketball pass, basketball shot, side throw, swing and throw.
2. Bands – Run with band around the hips, jump forward with band around the hip, and jump backward with band around the hips.