Teen drinking at a new low but still common among high school students

HARTFORD (WTNH) — Teens and alcohol. It’s a dangerous mix. And enough to keep many parents up at night.

But today, new research out of the CDC — showing that there is some good news about this problem.

The percentage of high schoolers who report drinking within the past month dropping from just over half in 1991 — to fewer than one in three in 2015.

Binge drinking in this age group, also down, with fewer than one in five high school students saying they engaged in this particularly dangerous activity within the past 30 days in 2015.

One possible reason for this promising trend?

Better implementation of state underage drinking policies, the authors say.

Yet, the researchers warn, too many kids are still drinking alcohol.

And considering the risks linked to drinking and binge drinking in this group — it’s a problem that still deserves attention.

So the message for parents. Don’t stop talking to your kids about the dangers of alcohol and binge drinking. It’s a talk worth having.

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