Staying protected from hackers while traveling with mobile devices

Be cautious using public wifi

(WWLP) – Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, being smart about using public WiFi, is the best way to protect your personal information from hackers.

WiFi is your weak spot away from home.

“Make sure where ever you are has a password, that’s probably your safest route,” said Christopher Bovino from Northeast IT.

It’s also the safest way prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.

“They’ll have the same access as you would if you were sitting in front of the screen,” Bovino said.

Summer is weeks away, and for many of us, that means traveling.

Northeast IT recommends you only use password-protected WiFi networks. “There could be somebody in there scanning the network, looking for someone to hack,” Bovino said.

For added protection, you could add encryption software for around $60.

“So, if someone were to steal your hard drive and plug it in to another laptop somewhere, the data that’s encrypted they wouldn’t be able to access without that password,” Bovino said.

Not only are hackers a threat, government officials are concerned about a more heinous threat to national security.

The Department of Homeland Security is considering banning laptops and other larger electronics devices aboard flights from Europe, out of fear that terrorists could develop a bomb that they could place in a laptop. If the ban is implemented, you’d have to put laptops and other electronics with your checked luggage.

Hackers are not only stealing your personal information, they could also be watching you through your home’s security camera.

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