Police investigated in Dashcam brawl

Three Davis, California police officers are under investigation after an April 22 brawl that witnesses say was triggered by the actions of the police.

(KCRA) California’s Davis Police Department has launched an internal investigation into officers involved in a brawl with a crowd after dash camera video was turned in to investigators, officials said Wednesday.

Three men were arrested in connection with the April 22 fight and two police officers were injured, police said. A third officer was not injured.

After the brawl was reported, many people claimed, “the police instigated the incident, that there was racial bias and that the force used in the arrests was excessive,” police said in a news release Wednesday.

Several days after the brawl, a Davis resident turned in dash camera video “that captured a broad visual field and depicted important details of the incident.”

In the video, a minivan makes a U-turn on Russell Boulevard stops close to a crowd on the sidewalk. Three Davis police officers were in the unmarked minivan; two of them were in plain clothes. Almost immediately after the van stops, it appears words are exchanged, the officers get out and a fight ensues.

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