Pet first aid

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Do you know what you’d do if your pet was in danger?  Jim Helems, Owner of Adventure Dogs Sports Camp in Huntington talked about Pet First Aid.

Most common choking items:

  • Raw hides
  • Balls
  • Small toys

What do we do if we have a choking pet? The steps are:

  • If they can cough or gag do nothing but protect them
  • Take off collar (maybe tight and restricting)
  • If they cannot cough, gag or have a stridor we will need to perform chest thrusts
  • Place hands on the upper portion of the chest (both sides) push in and up
  • If they go unconscious look inside the moth and if you can see object pull in out.
  • If not attempt to give two breaths, if no air goes in
  • Start CPR