Some fishermen concerned illegal baits are used to catch striped bass

You can use blood worms as bait to catch stripe bass

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – According to the Massachusetts State Law, you are not allowed to catch or use live herring for bait to catch striped bass in the Connecticut River.

“I’ve observed many times while I’m fishing these fishermen catching these herring than using them for bait,” said Scott Trainor, a fisherman.

Many fishermen have been posting pictures of their prize striped bass on social media. Fish that they caught in the Connecticut River. Some fishermen however have not been following the Massachusetts State Law.

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Trainor, who has been fishing for 45 years in western Massachusetts, told 22News he is concerned for a specific species of fish; the blue herring.

“It concerns me to see so many fishermen breaking the law and really doing damage to a population of fish that’s really endangered,” said Trainor.

Massachusetts is cooperating with the National Marine Fisheries Service “River Herring Conservation Plan.” They’re trying to restore the populations of the alewife and blueback herring, and fishermen cannot legally use these fish for live bait.

There are also further restrictions for stripers, there is a specific legal size limit. To legally keep these fish they have to be larger than 28 inches.

Fisherman can, and do use blood worms for bait to catch stripe bass. Stripe bass are usually in the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts up until the first week of June.