Owner wants pet alligator’s remains from the Forest Park Zoo

Wally lived in a habitat with another alligator at the Zoo at Forest park since last August

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Wally the alligator lived in West Springfield for about eight months, after being forcibly removed from a West Springfield home last Summer and his owner wants the alligator’s remains.

“I definitely don’t think an animal like that should be housed at someone’s home, definitely out in the wild,” said one resident.

That’s what led the police to remove a 6-foot long, nearly 180 pound alligator, last summer. Wally was kept as a domestic pet for 26 years in a habitat built by the owner in the rear of this home. It’s against the law to have wild animals as pets in Massachusetts.

Wally lived in a habitat with another alligator at the zoo at Forest Park since last August, until he died last month. Wally’s owner, Tony Saville wants the zoo to hand over Wally’s remains.

“You know that probably would have been like a nice gesture, just because it was a pet and he probably cared for it, even though he shouldn’t have had it,” said one resident.

The Forest Park zoo released a statement that reads: “We fully understand the emotional toll this has taken on Wally’s former owner… we are not in possession of Wally’s remains.”

In a follow-up last September, The zoo told 22News “Wally was thriving.”

22News went to Wally’s former home, but no one answered the door.

Staff at Forest Park Zoo said they’re planning to create a special commemorative plaque in Wally’s honor.