Mark your Calendar: Everyday’s a holiday!

It seems new holidays are popping up on almost every day of the year, and Marlo Anderson is the man behind the trend.

(NBC News) Celebrations are no longer confined to traditional holidays. It seems every day’s become an event.

Whether it’s National Pizza Day, Coffee Day or Lost Sock Memorial Day, there’s always a reason to celebrate or cause to observe.

Some “national” days show appreciation or raise awareness. Others, like “Sneak Some Zuchini On Your Neighbor’s Porch Day” seem just plain silly.

Mother’s day also happens to be “Dance Like a Chicken Day.”

Marlo Anderson started pulling together these quirky holidays onto the national day calendar website four years ago.

Now he makes a living at it.

Anderson and his staff are gatekeepers for which new holidays get added.

“It’s actually a pretty big deal,” Anderson says. “Of those 20,000 applications that we only honor 30 or 35.”

Right now, only applications from companies and organizations get considered, in part because it costs $2,300 to get a new holiday added.

Still, Anderson says it’s not about the money…it’s about making each day special.

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