Fish get a lift up the river from Holyoke Gas and Electric Co.

Visitors can watch as fish make their way onto the lift

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It never gets old to see fish take an elevator to get over the Holyoke Dam on the Connecticut River.

It happens every spring: different fish species like salmon, shad and striped bass swim up the Connecticut River every spring for their annual migration. These fish swim about 80 miles from the Long Island Sound to the Holyoke Dam where they are identified and counted.

Holyoke Gas & Electric owns and maintains the Barrett Fishway, which allows the fish to get past the Holyoke Dam. “This is such a traditional thing,” Spokesperson Kate Sullivan said, “for being in the region to come and see the annual migration of monogamous fish and see them going up stream to spawn and build their families ”

There are windows where you can watch the fish as they make their way to the lift. The Barrett Fishway in Holyoke is one of the most successful fish lifts along the eastern Seaboard.

To find out when you can come see the fish lift, you can visit the Holyoke Gas & Electric website.