Racial tensions at Easthampton High discussed at school committee meeting

In the past month, students, parents and members of the community have started a social media campaign called #NoHateHere.

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Easthampton residents addressed racial tensions at the high school at tonight’s school committee meeting.

Some of the issues surrounded a student wearing a confederate flag sweatshirt to school Tuesday morning.

Students walked out of Easthampton High to protest racism

The school superintendent said the student was not in school Monday, when the decision to ban the confederate flag was announced. She said the principal called the student into his office and told him he was not allowed to wear the sweatshirt. The student’s parents were called and he was picked up from the school.

This is just the most recent incident striking debate over racial tensions at the school.

“They should educate more about what it actually means, and why things happen and what will be the consequences when these kids turn to adults,” Sindy Mojica, of Easthampton, said.

The school is working on a three-year plan to combat bullying, which will include feedback sessions with students, parents, and faculty.

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