Fishermen catching big striped bass in Connecticut River

Fish smaller than 28 inches must be thrown back

(Chicopee Street General Store)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Big striped bass are being caught in the Connecticut River.

The fish are coming up the Connecticut River from the Atlantic Ocean, and you can find them anywhere from Springfield to the Holyoke Dam.  About a dozen fishermen were fishing out on the river near the Holyoke Dam Tuesday afternoon.

The striped bass are usually in the area from the second week of April through the first week of June. They are following and feeding on shad and blue herring, which are in the area to spawn.

22News spoke with the sales manager at Chicopee Street General Store to find out why these fish are appealing to fishermen.

“They have always been this big, its just becoming more popular lately,”  Adam Hoffenperg said. “There’s a lot more people fishing for them, that’s why people are catching them.”

The fish have to be big in order for fishermen to legally keep them. If the fish are smaller than 28 inches, you have to throw them back into the river.