Erving residents vote to keep, but alter “Indians” logo

Non-binding question approved by 93-23 vote

ERVING, Mass. (WWLP) – The Gill-Montague Regional School Committee decided in February to remove the Indians mascot for Turners Falls High School.

But Montague residents can vote in a non-binding referendum Monday to keep the Indians nickname, but alter its image.

Police have had several reports of “I Support the Indians” signs being stolen from yards.

“You’re trespassing, and it’s a larceny and that could lead to hefty fines, jail time, and a criminal record,” said Montague Police Chief Charles Dodge. “We certainly don’t want to see people getting into trouble over this.”

The town of Erving has already held a non-binding referendum to keep the Indians mascot. Erving residents came to the Town Hall Monday to participate in the town-wide election. Of the 127 total votes on the non-binding question to keep the Indians’ nickname but alter its logo, 93 people said yes.

“Hopefully the citizens felt like they had their opportunity to communicate their preferences and that information is now available to the district school committee and they can do with it as they so wish,” said Bryan Smith, Administrative Coordinator for Erving.

65 students at the Turners Falls High School and Great Falls Middle School are from Erving.

The Gill-Montague Regional school committee is developing a criteria for a new mascot, but there’s no time line to choose a new one.

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