Should you ‘rock the boat’?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  To rock or not to rock the boat: We live in a “stand up and fight” society where we are told we must speak up. That may be true – but its not true all the time. When is it better to make our feelings known and when is it better to keep our mouths shut?  Shira Block offered her tips.

Will you rock the boat?

  • What should a person consider before rocking the boat? ( Before considering rocking the boat, a person should know what they hope to get out of it.)
  • What are typical motivations for disrupting the status quo? (There are many but here are a few: dissatisfaction with societal norms – To share your thoughts for the purpose of deepening a relationship, to make improvements to a situation or relationship, to initiate change, to add new insight to a static situation, to prove yourself right and another person wrong, to get enjoyment out of being contrary, to exert power or control.)
  • Are some motivations better than others? (There is nothing inherently good or bad – there are simply behaviors and outcomes. Each individual will decide for themselves if the outcomes are a plus or a minus)
  • How would we sum up when to rock and when not to rock the boat?